I am a twenty-seven year old author and freelance writer.

I’m still not sure where home is. I have lived in Sydney, London, Laos, Germany and Israel, and spent considerable amounts of time in the US, Mexico and South Africa. I was born to South African parents and raised as a Jew in Sydney. If I were to have any gods now, they would be Plato, Shakespeare and Dostoevsky, but I’m aware that men of genius, unlike their works, are mortal.

I studied two degrees at Sydney University, one in English Literature and one in Law. I also studied International Business Law at Bucerius University in Hamburg, Germany. I worked at a ‘magic circle’ law firm in London, UK for eighteen months as a solicitor and previously had worked at two top tier corporate law firms in Sydney, Australia as a legal clerk. I am a qualified, but not registered, solicitor in NSW, Australia and England and Wales. I do not intend to practice law again, but do very much respect the profession and those within it that work tirelessly to check the injustices of a seemingly unravelling world.

I have a history of taking psychiatric medications and have received various diagnoses from different doctors, including ‘bipolar’. I am not currently taking any medication, but do monitor my mental health closely. I am a proponent of exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating and sleep in managing mental health risks.

My favourite authors are Dostoevsky, Woolf, Fitzgerald, Evelyn Waugh and James Joyce.

I prefer cats, but I am also partial to dogs.

I am gay, and believe I always have been. I ‘came out’ when I was fifteen, almost inadvertently, but then jumped straight back in to the closet. I came out again, when I was 19. I hope there will be no jumping back in.

I love my mother and elder brother dearly. My relationship with my father is complicated, but I love him too. I am not sure if I will ever have children, but if I do it will only be when I feel self-reconciled enough to bring another human being into this world for reasons of pure love, and not at all for reasons of compensation or conformity.

I believe every human being has love in his or her heart.

S x


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